To all Japanese companies. "Japan digital collaboration" provides a platform for you to introduce your products and services to the business leaders of ASEAN countries, and supports your overseas expansion.
Step 1.
 User Registration
First, register as a user. "Japan digital collaboration" is building a network of ASEAN business executives who are interested in Japanese products and services, and they are looking forward to the participation of Japanese companies. User registration is free.
Step 2.
 Matching Seminars
Step 2-1.
You can reserve a date and time for a "Business Matching Seminar" to introduce your product or service. "Are there any other companies that would be willing to sell this product overseas?" "We want to expand overseas, but are there any companies that can help us?" Book the seminar and wait for ASEAN companies to join us to become business partners and meet your needs.
Step 2-2.
The matching seminar will consist of a 60-minute webinar that explains the company and its products and its needs for overseas business partners, and a 60-minute individualized question and answer session. You will prepare explanatory materials and videos in Japanese in advance.

* Optional cost - Translation of materials: 5,000 yen per page (up to 6 pages free) - Video production: from 150,000 yen per film
Step 2-3.
The matching seminar will be held live in the "Japan digital collaboration" seminar room. All systems and equipment required for the seminar are already set up. The secretariat will be in charge of moderating and interpreting.

1. Matching Seminar (60 min.)
Company Profile
Description of products and services (features, strengths, pricing, etc.)
Needs for Overseas Business Partners
2. Online individual matching (10 min. per company)
Question and answer session and negotiation of terms and conditions
Step 2-4.
 follow-up services
We follow up on communication with seminar participants even after the seminar is over. We also help you to find overseas business partners.
extra cost
Step 3.
Once you have found overseas business partners at the matching seminar, the concrete negotiations can begin. You and your overseas business partner can discuss directly with us. In addition, Japan digital collaboration offers a variety of optional consulting services to help Japanese companies expand overseas.
 Export Models
1. Basic Strategy Development
Sales strategies
Product and service specifications
2. Feasibility study
Extraction of issues and study of solutions
3. Negotiation of terms and conditions / Contract signing
4. Start trading / Accompanying support
 Local (corporate) entry Models
1. Basic Strategy Development
Form of overseas expansion
Product and service specifications
2. Feasibility study
Extraction of issues and study of solutions
3. Organization of office operations / Creation of a process chart
4. Implementation of various procedures / Implementation of start-up practices / Accompanying support
Please contact us about the cost.